Above Ground Storage Tank

Certified Inspection and Cleaning Service


Performance Standards Requirements

Among the performance standards that will be applied to ASTs are:

  • Requirements for design, construction and maintenance
  • corrosion and release detection and prevention;
  • Detailed (tank-specific) “Spill Prevention Response Plans,” including secondary containment for any releases.
  • In addition, tank operators will be required to implement systems for early detection of releases and to provide immediate reporting of releases; develop corrective action plans; close and re mediate tank sites in accordance with standards to be developed by the WVDEP
  • Have annual inspections conducted (with reports submitted by registered professional engineers like DJA Inspection Service, Inc.
  • Provide evidence of adequate financial resources to undertake corrective action.

In proposing these new rules, the WVDEP is required to consider nationally recognized tank standards, such as those issued by the American Petroleum Institute and the Steel Tank Institute, and in complying with them, AST owners and operators are required to consult with industry experts on the development of a “life cycle maintenance schedule.” These and other requirements of the statute (and the regulations to be issued by the WVDEP) will be subject to inspection and enforcement by the WVDEP, with potential penalties of up to $ 25,000 per day per violation, as well as criminal penalties and potential actions by the WVDEP seeking injunctive relief to eliminate continuing violations is imperative. Inspectors like DJA Inspection Service, Inc. can help to insure that owners of ASTs remain in compliance.

Disaster Spawns Regulations